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Yoon Mirae (also known as Tasha or T) is an R&B singer and rapper born in Portland, Texas on May 31, 1981. Tasha, who speaks Korean and English fluently, is one of the leading female hip-hop/R&B/soul singers in Korea.
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너를 사랑해 by T-Yoon Mi Rae
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T-YOON MI RAE (t 윤미래) - 너를 사랑해

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Life Goes On ft Tiger JK & T by P & Q (Paloalto & The Quiett)
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있는 힘을 다해 나는 뛰어보려해

누구는 그런거래 인생이란 그런거래

I’m going to give it my all trying to run

someone said, that’s how life works

This song brings back such nostalgic memories. Let your past help foster your growth, not hinder you from moving forward. Constant progression towards maturation, experience, and self-satisfaction are goals worth pursuing— I believe human potential is endless. Passion & open-mindedness are essential. As the song says, ‘life goes on & on & on’.

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이젠 너 없이도 (Feat. Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, Bizzy) by Yuna Kim (유나킴)
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Yoon Mi Rae in Without You Now

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[Teaser] Euna Kim (feat. Bizzy, 타이거JK, t윤미래) - 이젠 너 없이도(Without you now)
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— [Dazed - 200904] Yoon Mirae - King of Sorrow - Interview



[Dazed - 200904] Yoon Mirae – King of Sorrow – Interview

t/n: this isn’t exactly an interview. It’s more like a discussion they had while they were doing the photo shoot. Once again, it gives us a glimpse of the Yoon Mirae – Tiger JK relationship.

Her powerful voice, her stage manners, her visual… It’s an image different from Yoon Mirae who is actually very shy, sweet and feminine in real life. It’s a point that Tiger JK underlines. He says that she…

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[20081116] Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mirae talk about their marriage and son



That October 24th was a particular chilly day. As soon as Yoon Mirae entered the café in Chunjuro where we had planned to meet, she said “it’s my mom’s birthday today. So she went to have fun with Jordan in the DMZ area. She said they’ll come after buying some crabs.” Her frowning…

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[200704] Yoon Mirae overcame the heartache from her childhood and is back


[200704] Yoon Mirae overcame the heartache from her childhood and is back


Third full-album “Yoon Mirae”.

We started the interview with a blunt question: “What would you have done if there had been no music in life?” Yoon Mirae (27) looked surprised at first, then she immediately…